Anthropology in Action

Current Migration Studies

After Rescue

The objective of the project is to better our understanding of the characteristics of trafficking victims and the efficacy of different intervention strategies in stabilizing their well-being. This project builds on previous collaboration between ISIM and USCCB to study child survivors of trafficking.

Undocumented Migration Project – University of Michigan

The Undocumented Migration Project (UMP) is a long-term anthropological study of undocumented migration between Mexico and the United States that uses ethnography, archaeology, and forensic science to better understand this clandestine social process.

Acculturation: The Rutgers Student Experience Save the Date -Rutgers University

This interdisciplinary study is identifying the factors that make immigrant students’ journeys to higher education successful to redefine acculturation and identify key features of the process.

Past Migration Studies

Urban Refugees in Cairo – Institute for the Study of International Migration | Georgetown University

As part of the exploratory study on urban refugees in Amman and Cairo, funded by the Bureau for Population, Refugees and Migration; ISIM and CCAS published the following in-depth reports in 2012, all of which are available for download.

Field School Opportunities

Migration, Language, and Human Rights: Off the Beaten Track Summer School for Anthropologists

Archeological Migration and Community Change in the American Southwest


Migration Museum and Art Exhibitions

Past Events

Moving Matters Traveling Workshop

The Moving Matters Traveling Workshop explores migration and mobility by developing artwork, exhibitions, performances and public interventions.

REFUGEE – Annenberg Space for Photography (April 23, 2016August 21, 2016)

Through images created by five internationally acclaimed artists, REFUGEE explores the lives of refugees from a host of diverse populations dispersed and displaced throughout the world. The exhibit features photographs taken in Bangladesh, Cameroon, Colombia, Croatia, Germany, Greece, Mexico, Myanmar, Serbia, Slovenia, and the United States.

Fencing In Democracy -apexart:nyc/University of Texas-Pan American (June 2 – July 30, 2016)

This bilingual (English and Spanish) group exhibition brings together work by artists, activists, architects, and other public intellectuals who have created alternative designs for or fought the construction of the United States – Mexico border wall.